‘Compliance through Competence’

30 Years delivering success, December 1992 – December 2022


The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd is renowned within energy, care, packaging, logistics, and Formula 1 motor racing sector organisations, as a leading force within competence management systems, standards design, assessor and IQA training and qualifications.

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Since 1993, the Gill Payne Partnership Ltd has been providing a range of tools and assessments such as, Behavioural Profiling, Personal Profile Analysis, General Intelligence Assessment, Team Profiling, etc. in over 70 languages to clients across the globe.

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Our law trained EU and UK data protection practitioners provide a range of outsourced DPO Services, Data Protection Compliance Assessments, and training programmes to support staff awareness of data protection, through to ‘in-role’ DPO development.

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What our Learners’ Say

“They used some excellent techniques when teaching that I will take away and use myself.”
LM, Sept. 2022 | Face to Face Delivery

“Fantastic course, good balance of practical and theory work.”
NH, Sept. 2022 | Face to Face Delivery

“Unbelievable experience from the best in the business in my opinion. Total class act and re-established my respect for them gained in my previous course in 2014. Thank you. Motivational genius.”
JC, Dec. 2020 | Delivery via Microsoft Teams under Covid-19 conditions.

“They are excellent at their job and went out of their way to put me at ease, and understand my initial concerns with the course. I would have no hesitation in enrolling with them in the future and would highly recommend their training.”
SC, Dec. 2020 | Delivery via Microsoft Teams under Covid-19 conditions.

Where, How, and With Whom we work

Based in North Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom, we work with clients either remotely online or delivering face-to-face on their sites, across the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia. 

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