Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement

This qualification is aimed at

This qualification is intended for those who are or will be acting as Assessors, assessing candidates’ knowledge and understanding, in non-work environments such as classrooms, training rooms, etc, using exams, tests, simulations, oral and written questioning, etc. as the principle assessment methods.

Assessor candidates will be assessing their candidates against KNOWLEDGE standards such as VRQs, In-House Knowledge Standards, etc.

How does the candidate achieve this qualification?

The Unit 301 is a knowledge Unit and as such, candidates will have to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding required to prove that they know and ‘understand the principles and practices of assessment’.

Knowledge and understanding evidence for Unit 301 may be identified and provided within activities relating to the assessment of candidates however, generally this Unit will be covered by assessor candidates completing an assignment or professional discussion.

Unit 303 is the performance Unit and as such, Unit 303 candidates will have to demonstrate their competence by assessing at least 2 candidates against KNOWLEDGE standards such as VRQs, In-House Knowledge Standards, etc.

Important: Please be aware that whilst The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd can support the Assessor Candidate through their online qualification, we do not provide or source candidates for the Assessor Candidate to assess. That is the responsibility of the Assessor Candidate.

Assessor candidates will receive an Initial Assessment Plan laying out what they must do and provide as evidence towards their qualification.

At some point, assessor candidates will have to be observed assessing at least 2 candidates using at least 4 assessment methods across the 2 candidates. Observation can be conducted in a variety of ways.


Unit 301/303 candidates will either:

  • attend a face-to-face closed training session within a group of candidate within a single organisation, or
  • attend a face-to-face open training session with a group of mixed candidates, or
  • work through the Online Learning Materials (distance learning) for this Unit.


Once the training has been completed, Unit 301/303 candidates will have to complete an assignment/professional discussion to explain in detail to show that they know and understand ‘the principles and practices of assessment’ plus provide evidence as per the assessment plan of their competence as Assessors in the work environment.

To complete Unit 303 Assessor Candidates MUST be observed assessing at least 2 candidates on two separate assessments each, conducting 4 assessments in total.

This assignment and evidence can be submitted via an ePortfolio or by Paper Based Portfolio (postal submission).

ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Approved CentreAwarding Body

City & Guilds

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