The Importance of Competence Measurement

Competence could be simply defined as “The ability for an individual to perform specific activities safely, to a set standard and under whatever circumstances the activities need to be performed”.

Competence also results in the person being able to cope when things are outside of normal parameters, and they will know where their own responsibilities start and finish; and who to refer to when problems occur outside these.

It is also vital that companies and organisations, particularly those working in regulated environments, have a comprehensive system in place to measure, record and monitor competence. In the UK and Europe, some regulated organisations are required by law to have such systems in place.

Being able to measure, record and monitor, and ultimately prove the competence of staff, will have positive effects on any organisation’s bottom line. It will mean that waste is reduced; productivity is increased; safety and environmental impacts are reduced and staff health is improved.

Organisations that are able to prove the competence of their staff will also find that their perceived risk is reduced which will impact on insurances, raise investor interest and confidence, and their stock value too.

At The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd we have been dealing with the Performance Management of People covering the measuring, recording and monitoring of competence since 1992. Working extensively across the energy sectors, chemicals, food manufacture, bulk storage and logistic amongst others as preferred suppliers, we have an extensive library of information and knowledge available to us.

Our client base is truly international with some of the largest Blue Chip organisations in the UK as clients and we have completed significant work across Europe, in a number of Middle-East companies and regularly within South-East Asia.

Since 2014, we have also been developing and implementing Online Competency Management Systems under the brand GPP-Digi Ltd, providing a digital solution that operates in multiple languages at the same time for our clients who work across many borders.

Advice costs nothing, if you want to discuss your needs and options, just calleMail, Twitter, Facebook or Skype with us.

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The Conscious Competence Cycle

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