The World will not end on May 25th! (GDPR)

We have been telling our clients and prospective clients who are in a state of panic about the upcoming changes to data protection legislation and in particular the #GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), that whilst organisations are required to be compliant with the GDPR , if your organisation is not ready by 25th May 2018 when it comes into force we say: “Don’t panic!”.

You should however, be on your way to compliance and be able to show the progress that you are making.

There’s a lot that you can do before 25th May 2018 and Data Protection and GDPR Compliance is not a target it is a process. This means that your organisation will be required to achieve compliance however, maintaining compliance will be equally important so there needs to be a monitoring and review processes in place.

Sure, the sooner you are compliant the better for data security and data privacy, and the reputation of your organisation but just don’t panic to get there by 25th May, you need to make sure that what you put in place is effective not just bought off the shelf.

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Cliff Edge

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