The History of The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd

The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd was founded as Gill Payne Training and Development back in December 1992. We were orginally founded to provide management development and NVQ support to industries across the UK.

We quickly became a recognised and almost a household name within a number of industries in particular the Electricity Supply Industry where we work with all sectors of the industry and with almost all the companies too.

Over the years the company grew in its footprint and stature. In 1996, the year the company was first recognised as an Investor In People and have since been re-recognised twice more.

We also move into new offices in 1996, three floors of administration and training materials preparation rooms, reception rooms, two training/meeting rooms and a Video Production Room for our Online eLearning Management System.

In 1997 the first IT Training Suite was introduced. This was updated in 2001 to a complete mobile IT suite consisting of 6 full-sized PCs plus a Server that provides a real IT Learning Environment that can be set-up anywhere in Europe. This gives us the ability to provide a fully interacting Microsoft Office environment covering Emailing, cross-product intergration (word into excel, etc.) anywhere a client wants us to take it.

1997 also saw the first overseas contract working with Trainers from Tenaga Nascional Berhad, Malaysia. The contract was to support a group of 12 trainers through a UK National Vocational Qualification at Level 3 in Training and Development so that they could go back to Malaysia and deliver training to Overhead Lines people within their company to a competent standard.

We delivered this contract in 16 weeks with the UK’s National Grid Company providing the technical skills delivery in overhead lines. Another example of our ability to work in partnership with clients and suppliers.

2002 saw us delivering management skills development to 100 plus delegates from 16 nationalities, to a bespoke standard developed by us in line with the clients requirements and accredited by the ILM, to an American owned company at sites across the UK, also in Geneva and Stockholm.

We are still classed as a ‘small company’ but with a BIG footprint and we command huge respect from our clients where ever they are.

Over the years the company’s name has evolved from Gill Payne Training and Development (1992) to Gill Payne Partnership (1996) and since 2002, incorporated as The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd.

Although we have our own employed trainers and facilitators, we have a number of contract trainers with specific skills who have now been working with us for years. They each have unique attributes that add to the strength and ability of our organisation.

Back in 1997 we first crossed paths with AZTEC Technical Services Ltd. AZTEC are a training organisation that specialises in Technical and Craft Skills whereas we specialise in Soft Skills.

Both our organisations are recognised brands and on many occasions now, we have come together to jointly manage and deliver very large contracts across the UK and Europe. When AZTEC and ourselves combine, a clients does not have to look anywhere else for skills development, it can all be supplied through our unique ‘partnership’.

In 2006, we moved to Goxhill as our business model changed yet again. The increase of delivery on client premises rather than our own, plus the growth in our Online Learning Environment meant that our large training facilities were no longer needed. We moved to a bespoke office facility and utilise a local hotel if we are required to deliver the training local to us.

2007 saw significant growth in our On-line Personality/Psychometric Profiling service delivering both on-line test and completed reports in more than 70 languages. In 2008 we added one of the leading F1 Racing Teams as a client too.

In October 2011, we launched the Business Network Hull which being in line with our desire to develop businesses as well as people, married completely with our organisational goals.

In 2012 we delivered the first programme on behalf of PowerEdge Asia in Kuala Lumpur which was our Competence Management Systems 3-day Programme. This involved representatives from several different organisation based in the middle-east and across South-East Asia. We repeated the programme in 2013 this time in Singapore and now go back regularly to the region.

2015 and we started a join venture, a new company called GPP-Digi Ltd with Digital Spotlight Ltd combing our Competence and Performance Management knowledge with their web coding skills to develop a unique online Competence Management System (CMS).

The future, well let us just look into our crystal ball, ah yes, exciting times ahead, new challenges in the shape of delivering our services across the internet – and we are already there!

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