New Company Launched – GPP-Digi Ltd

The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd has come together with Digital Spotlight Ltd to create a new joint venture company GPP-Digi Ltd, whose purpose is to deliver an effective online Competence Management System (CMS).

In the making for some time, each company brings to the new company their unique skill sets to bear in delivering their solution to clients across the world.

The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd is supplying its world renowned knowledge and understanding of designing and implementing competence and performance management systems and Digital Spotlight Ltd, internationally known for their expertise in web coding, eLearning platforms and web development, are together bringing to the marketplace a unique and versatile CMS, able to deliver competence management and monitoring to international companies operating across multiple sites with a single unified system.

Their modular and tailorable system, will deliver reassurance to their clients by giving them a system where they can record the competence of their people, manage and monitor that competence, with an effective reporting system that makes sure that the client is notified in advance of upcoming people who are due for reassessment or retraining. At the same time, provide information to the client on which staff hold which competence and at which location.

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GPP-Digi Ltd
New Company Launched – GPP-Digi Ltd
The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd