What’s the best way of training assessors and internal quality assurers?

Over the past two and a half decades, The Gill Payne Partnership Ltd have been involved in the developing thousands of assessors and internal quality assurers (formerly known as internal verifiers) to meet the national standards. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing performance management systems of which, the roles of the assessors and internal quality assurers is fundamental.

We often get asked to train assessors first and then to train internal quality assurers afterwards when this is not the most effective way to go about the process.

Internal quality assurers do exactly that, they manage and assure the ‘quality’ of the system that is measuring and recording the performance of people against either in-house or national standards. In order to achieve their qualification, they must be observed review and supporting candidates among other requirements of the standard.

This requirement in the standards present us with a unique opportunity to reduce costs in the development and generate the evidence to support their qualification effectively.

When we are invited to support the implementation of a new system we always recommend that the internal quality assurers are trained first; then the assessors; then when the assessors are being observed the internal quality assurers can use these opportunities to observe, review and support the new assessors and by this, generate the evidence they need for their qualification efficiently and cost-effectively.

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