Guide: Understanding the Training Cycle

\"TrainerFollowing the Training Cycle is fundamental to delivering effective learning and development and is something we cover extensively when supporting people through relevant Learning and Development (Trainer) qualifications.

One of our fellow training providers, Ann Gravells, has put together five videos, each one covering each of the five parts of the Training Cycle – shown in the image below. The videos are further down this page.


Ann Gravells, formerly an External Verifier for City & Guilds, became a freelance trainer some years ago and is also a successfully published author, see further down for some of her book titles.

Videos by Ann Gravells for the Training Cycle

All these videos are available at Ann Gravells Video Channel on YouTube

Part 1 – Identification of Need

Part 2 – Planning and Design

Part 3 – Delivery / Facilitation

Part 4 – Assessment

Part 5 – Evaluation

Books by Ann Gravells