Course: Competency Management Systems

The Competence Management Systems is a 3-day programme aimed at training managers, HR professionals, site managers and similar, who are looking at implementing or reviewing a Competency Management System. This programme has been delivered to many companies across the world and can be tailored to include industry or organisation specific operations.

The content is designed to take you from the start to the implementation and then on to the review stages of Competence Management and Competence Systems. Current industry specific standards will form part of the programme and can include reviewing existing organisational standards and systems with constructive feedback.

Over the course of the 3-days, which are highly interactive, delegates will come to understand what competence is and to interpret the Competence/Consciousness Cycle, and how competence fits into the delegate’s industry and organisation.

In depth, the 6 principles of Competence Assurance will be examined along with what needs to be in place for an effective Competence Management System including identifying the purpose, the scope and safety critical tasks.

Differing terminology used in these systems will be explored along with the roles and responsibilities of people within the system and the various methods used in assessing competence and/or knowledge and understanding.

By the end of day 3, delegates will have started to review or develop a Competency Management System and post-programme support is available in taking the system forward if requested.

This programme can be delivered to a mixed group from varying or similar industry sectors or to a group within a single organisation, and in almost any country worldwide.

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